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no deal up as the e.u. summit in vilnius that draws to a close to a close ukrainian president viktor yanukovych doesn't sign the association agreement with the e.u. insists the deal remains on the table. does of thousands are still in the streets of ukrainian cities to both support and oppose the president's decision it's been peaceful so far but it may well be a call before the storm. i began to have some serious philosophical reservations about what the fed was doing and i decided to apologize to america. as the black friday shoppers soon kicks off in the us we'll look at where the wild buying spree of the federal reserve has landed the american economy five years they stopped.
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by tap on and nothing came out which was very frightening the air was degraded horribly lots of air and hacks tried sly. and those side effects so franking one to not communities in taxes are now also having to cope with us quakes where someone blaming on the new method of training. international news and comment live from moscow this is all saying to national with me thanks for joining it's. here leaders have failed in their fight to move ukraine closer to europe president victor unit convicts refused to refused an association deal during an eastern bloc summit in vail news in ukraine's count ok of thousands
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that keeping out round the clock process to try and push the government into cozying up to europe and pull scald and. have been following the balance for us and let's now turn to you first so we are saying some sad faces where you are right now. well as expected the e.u. summit in vilnius has drawn to a close without ukraine signing that association agreement however the president of the european council herman van rompuy saying on friday that he hopes the deal can be revisited at a later date. european union's position remains clear. of signing the most ambitious agreement the european union has ever offered to a nonmember state is still on the table. so the deal remains on the table but it is a deal that kiev have already rejected by president viktor yushchenko which
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maintaining that the financial package from brussels is not adequate for his country at this time and he described it as he said left his country humiliated now that was the justification he gave when he met with german chancellor angela merkel on thursday evening now cameras were allowed into the meeting as european heads of state met with the president on a carpet for the first time since he stalled the signing of bad deal you can just about make out what is said to lithuanian president speaking to you on a covert says but if you signed the agreement clearly trying to put the pressure on the ukrainian president i'm going to merkel and says to you on the coverage we expected more we being the e.u. in this case and his justification. is that the economic situation in ukraine is very difficult we are facing serious threats so the e.u. appears to be rich to agree to a deal that he's already rejected without really offering him anything new and of
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course the precondition of allowing. to germany for medical treatment was always on likely now the e.u. have suggested now that the deal could be revisited in the future especially if there's a change in government in ukraine with the election looming large in twenty fifteen but for now president on the code which has given a firm no to the e.u. current deal. and let's now turn to kiev and skase standing by that salix say you are in kiev and you've been in the midst of all the protests and basically the bands that are taking place there right now so what's people's reaction that. well we'll still see protests and in fact there are several of them these supporters of the ruling party the party of regions are also in the streets several hundred meters from where i'm standing right now at a european square that's where the rally is being held basically it's just like it's always. on the one square the other side political side on the other square
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this is what's happening right now the question is whether this will lead to any possible tensions and clashes between the two camps we are seeing that the people here at the independence square those supporting the year integration and opposing the president's decision not to sign the association deal this time they're determined to stay clearly we heard earlier heard from the opposition leaders that in case the other which fails to bring these this agreement back home to ukraine the people must be in the streets the biggest question is how long will these protests last will they stay force a few more days or for some longer period of time maybe they will set up town camps at the european square depends where here or maybe this will be just a simple act of disobedience for a few days and will die down we also heard about the intention of the protesters to build a life a human chain from the independence square here in kiev to the border with the european union to the border with poland which is six hundred kilometers away that would take more than half a million people to do that with they already started creating this change with the
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question is whether they will actually reach the e.u. border so the situation is if we put it it's at the knife edge at the moment nobody knows where it's going to go but we're clearly expecting more and more people to be protesting as the day progresses as the working hours come to an end in kiev. life and their lives as well as. life in that k.s. thank you very much to you ed meanwhile front. are also in vilnius where e.u. leaders are suggesting an agreement may be possible when a new president comes to power in key journalist and broadcaster neil clark believes both e.u. and ukraine are better off without each other e.u. doesn't need the ukraine really i mean the e.u. is is close to bankruptcy itself a lot of the country the a bankrupt or very close to it and you think the e.u. will be concentrating on trying to solve the problems in france or portugal italy and spain but it is it wants to expand it's all right for west of the e.u.
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fanatics to sit there in brussels or london to say ukraine should join the e.u. trick so i'm just trading putting things in it in practical terms it would be a disaster for the ukrainian people it would be gas prices going up the prices going up unemployment going up the industrialisation so i think going to have a choice. further analysis of ukraine's rejected bed and just how attractive the deal was in the first place is up for debate and crosstalk the fact is the european union doesn't have money to hand out ukraine needs an awful lot of money and everyone knows that the european union and its member states are broke they have debt up to their eyeballs and they can't afford to pay their own bills let alone other peoples both russia and the european union like integration with ukraine but unocal overture to the end of the day just said it's not a good enough deal i think the only quality of government that was trying to probe and see where that the european union would be able to provide some financial assistance and also whether it would be willing to nudge the i.m.f.
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to be more lenient and maybe have softer preconditions for unlocking the loans however the european union made it very clear that they're not going to make any concessions. our website will gather x. but opinion on the e.u. ukrainian association deal so to find out rules behind as you turn had online to. the holiday shopping season has kicked off in the u.s. with some retailers breaking tradition by pushing the opening hours into thanksgiving night instead of waiting for the official start of black friday and it's been exactly five years since the u.s.
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federal reserve began its own unprecedented shopping spree back into thousand days it unveiled the largest stimulus package in u.s. history that's now see just how it all panned out that time hunting out too many mortgages and as financial troubles plagued borers people couldn't repay the debt the u.s. federal reserve launched a massive program of bond purchases printing more cash and buying by pouring more money into the banks they intended to how the ever dramatic and by driving down the cost of credit so that more people could survive the financial meltdown but it turned out to be a big win for wall street more than the taxpayer and with a reported increase in boras again missing their credit payments any rise in interest rates could leave a lot of people in severe trouble in a person i met one of those behind the fed's experiment who now sees it as a big mistake. block friday the day after thanksgiving is america's busiest
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shopping day of the year millions standing in lines for hours or even days before stampeding into stores to snag door busting deals oddly enough the federal reserve bank has also used this pseudo holiday to launch its own on precedented spending spree otherwise known as want to teach it easy two thousand a financial crisis the fed began buying up massive bonds to drive down the cost of credit and experiment pitched at helping main street as the program marks its five year anniversary the former fed official who helped spearhead the quantitative easing is publicly apologizing to all americans for the role he played his name is andrew who saw our and he joins me now andrew what is so bad about quantitative easing that you felt you had to publicly apologize to the entire country i believe we had a very big wake up call with the financial crisis five years ago we had we realized
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we had the economy that was over we were lying on wall street where the banks and become too big and too too concentrated for the larger economy and what i feel quality quantitative easing all to me has done is to reinforce. that structure in the u.s. economy and a lot of the benefits of q.e. have ultimately gone to the banks rather to to to main street america so if we see that over the course of five years those that have benefited from q e have been the richest people in the united states of the richest companies the richest banks in the majority of americans are not benefiting from this and why is still continuing the problem is. the fed at this point is the only one doing something and so it feels like it keeps on happening having to do something to help mild the argument is what it's doing is it not only helping but it may actually be hurting for four more dramatically u.s. economy. ahead in our team to national peacekeepers patrol the streets of britain
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people are angry because a very small area very densely populated and people as you can see how it is people living on top of each other with some ungood by the immigrants into the country is some locals take matters into their own hands to try and bridge the divide the full story is just a few minutes away. a fresh wave of anti fracking theory has gripped taxes which has been struck by a series of small earthquakes some scientists blame the drilling will do you for for the tremors which caused no casualties but still left locals quite literally shaken the latest three point six magnitude quake was the strongest in years and fueled panic in some texan communities the state has seen a massive boom in franking operations as oil and gas corporations seek to tap into the most lucrative deposits and earlier we spoke to local resident sharon wilson
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who lived near a fracking site but also forced to abandon. it one time i turned my tap on and nothing came out which was very frightening that the air was degraded horribly lots of air attacks trott's lie it's not i it was just it completely changed the character the worst concern for me was to end up without water or. could end up being sick from the chemicals that he was being exposed to i lost eighty thousand dollars in property value as they expand this practice more and more people are harmed and more and more people join the opposition right now there is an entire neighborhood over five hundred homes and where they are for very very close to two hundred fifty feet in some cases from people's back yards. using fracking to extract fossil fuels is actually more hazardous than burning the box according to british anti fracking accidents stephen hall there are better
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alternatives to the disposal of we don't need for him whatsoever not only that i mean people such as me that is a transition feel old that america from the leakage is from all the wells that there is the three to seven out the sense of leakage of the gas into the atmosphere is a lot more paulton greenhouse gas the what's see also weighs so you know this has to be said it's actually a more harmful form of energy than burning coal in power stations. and coming up later this hour details of the latest allegations of rebel atrocities in syria the us and plentiful have a break. this is the media leave us so we leave them to. either see bush and see your. party
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physical. issues that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from. politic. technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. dramas the truth be ignored. stories others refuse to know. but since changing the world. to picture.
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from a good long. look to. their washing all seeing to national welcome back the u.k. is now home to almost two hundred thousand roma immigrants looking for jobs and couch many brits are angry because they believe few of the new comers that ready to adapt to the rules of the new. reports now on how some locals have made an unconventional step to deal with the masa. wrapping up against the cold this team is setting off on one of their regular nightly migrant patrols organized by the pakistan community association their beat is this small neighborhood in sheffield in the north of england known as paige hall the trying to save the community tensions here i don't know there are tensions in the area and people are angry
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because it's a very small area very densely populated and people as you can see so terrace houses people living on top of each other it doesn't take us long to see what some members of the local community a say concerned about even on a monday night in winter large groups of roma men congregated on this small high street i did you see saw. me see you so look around this mess you sensed noise that night most of the roma hear from the back here and they're eager to tell us that they don't want to cause any trouble for my friend you know. people talking speaking so if you have them in horrible you know looking for your you know problem here five thousand and nine pm curfew has been put in place here under sixteen can see the police thanks coming down so they have what sort of significant presence in the area similar support a presence here from eight o'clock in the flame right the way through until
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probably coming out and it's a very difficult thing to police the situation has gained national attention but some voicing concerns of a repeat of the race riots that blighted the north of the country to stave a decade ago it didn't concern me that it was going to happen what concerned me was how that would make very much population and the longstanding population feel that they're living in an area where tensions of perhaps not so hard either that might happen like all east citizens roma have the right to move freely throughout the european union but so what is the most persecuted ethnic minority groups in europe the migrant patrol at. trying to aid integration here but with restrictions being removed next year allowing both gary and sam remain years to enter the u.k. sparking wide public concern it won't just be the patrol keeping a careful watch what plays out on the streets of this small local community service
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r.t. reporting from sheffield in the north of england and are some other international news and brave this hour hundreds of first class is the only has called as in thailand the change by. civil unrest some days demonstrators demanded the removal of the prime minister had recently submitted and no case of his vote in the last few days. several ministerial buildings and cut the power to the police headquarters a prime minister is widely seen as a puppet of the brother is a tycoon. and. iraqi authorities have found corpses of eighteen man shot dead in a sunni area close to baghdad the victims were about were abducted from their homes by gunmen wearing military uniforms just before. just before
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earlier this week police discovered thirteen other bodies of men executed by sectarian hate squads in two separate locations around baghdad twenty thirteen as iraq as deadliest year for six years with eight thousand people killed. china has sent fighter jets to retain the patrol its newly declared air defense zone over disputed islands in the east china sea this comes after japan and south korea all held up own military flights over the air in a challenge to beijing the disputed threatens to overshadow u.s. vice president george a job on his trip to the region next week washington maintains a robust military presence in the region trying to contain china's growing clout. in argentina construction workers clashed with environmentalists protesting against the building of a plant belonging to a food tech giant old santo police had to use tear gas after a union members attacked and around twenty demonstrators in the centro could all but problems the building of
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a corn processing plant was halted last month when protesters began disrupting supplies into the site activists say genetically modified crops on dangerous at markets say livelihoods are being affected. another extremely disputed video from syria has surfaced online and clips posted by this see when observatory for human rights allegedly shows hardline islamist militants publicly executing members of a rival rebel group however the fish couldn't be independently verified have to warn you it's very graphic they need beliefs away from them on toward islam his group is claimed that being shot dead by members of the islamic state of iraq and violent affiliate operating in the region the terrorist cells been pushing for more control in rebel held areas in syria against mobile to opposition factions and. from the center of middle east studies believes there's no chance of bringing
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radicals like this to the negotiation table and that undermines the. we're going to have in general. one on the right the nine members represent the regime and the other the opposition members and in between there is a quick preview now to. assess that syrian regime doesn't have any problem he can nominate in five minutes. delegations the syrian official delegation but what we can do with the other is we have several the opposition we have did of course we have i don't see who did not accept to be on the brand of the coalition we're still talking about the opposition outside we have the opposition political opposition inside what about the few syrian army and the who are on the learned we do i still made the number sixty. on them and if they are not the represented on journey of
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all. these fires. when the ground moves here of saudi arabia when it's to protect the people from evil. all that he's eyes that means preventing women from getting behind the wheel of a car had a line to find out more on that. and a fully equipped kind of his father treat in the u.k. bunker designed as a shelter from nuclear strikes it's all been taken down by the police now but you can read all about it at ati dot com. right to see. her story. and i think you're. going to. be.
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as the olympic torch continues its journey from the highest highs to the lowest depths those preparing to compete at such a twenty fourteen are getting themselves in shape for the winter games and the house says he's working just as hard to make sure it's ready. reports now from the centerpiece of the black sea resort. i'm standing inside of the fish a limb pig a stadium which will host the opening as well as the closing ceremonies for the olympic and paralympic of twenty four teams now president vladimir putin will be here a little bit later to tour the stadium itself which keeping everything under wraps we don't want to show you everything as a this is going to be the home of the olympic torch as well as for those opening closing ceremonies the finished a stadium is quite unique it is a shaped like a seashell and to myself is the black sea and to my left is the mountainous cluster
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where all the beautiful alpine ski resorts are being prepared for the athletes as well as the spectators are what's also quite unique about the stadium is the fact that it is made out of glass so while you're when it's sunny the sun is reflected up on it and you can really see why it was chosen to be the host stadium for the olympics and of course there will be no sporting activities happening here because it is kept for the opening and closing ceremonies and after the olympics it will be used for twenty eight feet for the world cup so we're here everything is almost ready and we're just waiting for the final nails and balls to be put in on the fish a stadium and of course the present body which has already stemmed russia ready to host the world in sochi come twenty fourteen. it's time to get the point to take a little.
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i hate to be a downer but i really think the olympics have lost all meaning in the past when there was the cold war it was like a battle between two ideologies taking place in the abstract and the one nine hundred thirty six olympics nazi pseudo science their self proclaimed superiority was put on trial for the whole world to see and support the olympics having the majority of the countries on earth participating they're now horribly horribly bland one could argue that they have become a great way for countries to show off their acts used to build up some infrastructure i think this is a big misconception let's look back to two thousand a lympics in beijing china is really develop in the last twenty years but the olympics really teach us anything about this country with a radically different political system or anything about their ancient culture or the way they think or the way they live no nothing at all all we saw were some
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flags and some pandas that rather unique stadium which was mostly the work of a swiss company yeah i hate to say it but i think the olympic flame is kind of burnt out over the years although i have to admit that saying the torch in the space was kind of neat i think that when and if the world ever becomes an ideological battle ground again then the olympics will become worth watching but for now it's just generic sports from generic countries a generic stadiums but that's just my opinion. but with economic ups and downs in the final. day of the deal sang i and the rest because i think me a little beat it. secrets
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from the campaign trail the inside scoop from behind the scenes of the two thousand and twelve presidential race and its impact on the shape of the u.s. political landscape joining the other co-authors of an instant bestseller double down journalist mark halperin and john. all next politicking with larry i. love the politicking i'm happy to have the authors of double down in the studio with me mark halperin is editor at large and senior political analyst for time magazine and senior political analyst for m s n b c and john heilemann is the national editor of new york magazine and a political analyst for m.s.n. b.c. they are both co-authors of a terrific book double down a great follow up to game change with another great book before we get into current
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policies like how did the book come up that you did you know you were going to do a follow up for you now the new file you cover the races well i mean the first one we enjoyed doing a lot and between the book and the h.b.o. movie we had a certain amount of momentum to think about doing another one it wouldn't take too long for us to say you know there's a certain formula to what we did and we wanted to try to do it again for a different race some characters carrying over like the clintons and obviously president obama but but a new group of people right about i once interviewed john thehotel why do wrote the making of the president one nine hundred sixty and sixty four and sixty eight and seventy two he invented it on sept is jim bishop in bed with the concept of the day kennedy died today the christ died. two were you thinking in terms of theodore white well you know we are both big readers of political literature so you know be think about people who have done stuff like this in the past the white obviously established became a franchise but you know.


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